Woollahra Group completes acquisition of Surekleen Product Sales Pty Ltd

Woollahra Group completes acquisition of Surekleen Product Sales Pty Ltd

MEDIA RELEASE: Thursday March 4th 2021

Mandan Holding Pty Ltd trading as Woollahra Group today completed a financial agreement for the commercial acquisition of the manufacturing company Surekleen Products Sales Pty Ltd.

The signed agreement which takes effect immediately, transfers majority ownership of Surekleen Product Sales Pty Ltd to Woollahra Group, a 100% Indigenous Owned business in an innovative deal that will facilitate significant new opportunities for Indigenous People within Western Australia and the broader Australian Indigenous Community.

Woollahra Group has been operating as a distributor of commercial cleaning and associated products since 2017. The unique Woollahra business model involves revenue sharing initiatives formed by joint ventures or partnerships with Traditional Land Owner Groups throughout Western Australia. With a corporate focus on “Helping Community & Country” and working to “Close the Gap”, the Woollahra Group has made substantial progress in a short period of time, including Partnership agreements with multiple TLO’s and currently distributing product to more than 30 mining villages across WA.

Surekleen Product Sales Pty Ltd as the manufacturer of the Surekleen branded cleaning products have been operating locally from Malaga in Western Australia for more than 15 years, with a focus on natural and sustainable cleaning solutions. Surekleen currently manufactures more than 150 product variants that are used in industries such as Mining, Industrial, Agriculture, Automotive, Marine & Hospitality sectors.

Woollahra Group Managing Director Chris Schmid commented on the Commercial Aquisiton “We are delighted to have signed off on this agreement for the acquisition of Surekleen Product Sales Pty Ltd. This agreement is a groundbreaking opportunity for Woollahra Group, as a 100% Indigenous Owned business, to take a leadership role in building Indigenous business capacity within the Australian Manufacturing Industry. Our joint venture partnerships with determined Traditional Land Owner Groups via our unique revenue sharing model have positioned Woollahra Group to take advantage of a shifting focus toward providing greater opportunity for First Nations People, particularly in the Australian Mining Sector. For Woollahra Group to be able to share with our customers that we have moved from an Indigenous Distribution Model to an Indigenous Manufacturing Business is a huge step for our company and we anticipate that it will lead to stronger partnerships and new growth opportunities moving forward. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the owners of Surekleen Product Sales Pty Ltd, who have worked over a substantial period to support Indigenous Communities, for the opportunity to take this business forward and for the collaborative, innovative and solution focused negotiations that delivered this outcome. We look forward to working with them through an extended period of transition to maximise the growth potential of the strong business they have created.”

Surekleen Product Sales Pty Ltd owner John Browner added “We are very pleased to have completed the agreement for the sale of the Surekleen business. When we started this company, we had a vision to develop the best natural, sustainable cleaning products in Western Australia, with a major focus on supporting Indigenous Australians. We formed long and meaningful connections with a number of Traditional Land Owner groups and over the past 12 months we have worked collaboratively and respectfully with those partners to transition our method of supply to the current distribution model we have with Woollahra Group. The logical next step in the evolution of the business was always to facilitate the transition of ownership to the right Indigenous business who can maximise the opportunities within the current climate and continue to grow the company we started. We are certain that we have found the right team with the leadership at Woollahra Group and wish them every success moving forward. We would also like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank all of our customers, trade partners, distributors and suppliers for their ongoing support both historically and throughout this transition period.”


For further comments or media inquires, please contact Woollahra Group Director Chris Schmid directly on 0439 988 672.


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