Soap Aid x Woollahra Soap: Promoting Hygiene, Sustainability, and Community Impact

May 25, 2023

Soap Aid x Woollahra Soap: Promoting Hygiene, Sustainability, and Community Impact

At Woollahra Group, we are excited to announce the arrival of a shipping container containing the innovative 20g Soap Aid x Woollahra Soap last week. Soap Aid is a remarkable not-for-profit organization founded in 2011, dedicated to saving children's lives through improved hygiene practices while positively impacting the environment. This blog post explores Soap Aid's mission, their commitment to sustainability, and the significant impact their recycled soap has on disadvantaged communities. Additionally, we will delve into the hydration products used by our staff during the unpacking process.


Soap Aid was established with the noble purpose of enhancing hygiene practices. They achieve this by reprocessing and distributing recycled guest soap to disadvantaged communities across Australia and overseas. By providing access to soap, Soap Aid plays a crucial role in preventing the spread of diseases and improving overall health and well-being in vulnerable populations. 


Woollahra's commitment to sustainability goes hand in hand with Soap Aid's mission to improve hygiene. In an effort to reduce plastic waste, Woollahra has made significant changes to the packaging we supply soap in. By switching from plastic to cardboard packaging and reducing the size of the soap used in mining camps to a more relevant size that matches a FIFO roster, we aim to remove more than half a million plastic packets from our supply chain each year. This forward-thinking approach demonstrates our dedication to sustainable practices and Caring for Country.


Once the Soap Aid x Woollahra Soap has been used by staff in Mining Camps & Villages, the facilities cleaning teams collect any waste soap from the bathroom and return it to Woollahra in sealed containers. The Soap is then returned to the Soap Aid Facility in Melbourne, where it undergoes a thorough recycling process at Soap Aid's facilities. This process ensures that every bar of soap is sanitized, reformed, and ready to make a positive impact. Amazingly the purified soap is gram-for-gram equivalent to the used soap, meaning this whole process is zero waste! The recycled soap is then redistributed to remote Indigenous communities, where access to basic hygiene products is often limited. By providing these communities with recycled soap, Soap Aid not only promotes hygiene but also supports the well-being and health of Indigenous Australians.


During the exciting unpacking process of the shipping container, our Woollahra and Surekleen Chemicals staff members relied on two remarkable hydration products, Waddi water and eniQ's hydration solution. Waddi Group is a 100% indigenous-owned company that offers a diverse range of products, including pure spring water and specialty coffee. By supporting indigenous businesses like Waddi Group, we contribute to the empowerment and economic development of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. eniQ's hydration solution, mixed with electrolytes and slow-release carbohydrates, provided our staff with the essential nutrients and replenishment they needed during the unpacking process. With eniQ's focus on high-quality ingredients and innovative hydration technology, we were able to stay refreshed and energized throughout the day.


The arrival of the 20g Soap Aid x Woollahra Soap in our shipping container marks an important milestone in our commitment to promoting hygiene, sustainability, and community impact. Woollahra Group are proud to be associated with these remarkable initiatives and invite you to learn more about these products. Watch a video of the unpacking from this link here -