Introducing eniQ new range of electrolytes through Woollahra!

Jul 07, 2023

Introducing eniQ new range of electrolytes through Woollahra!


Dehydration and heat stress in the mining industry is a serious concern for workers and companies. A recent hydration test conducted by the National Institute of Health, indicated that more than half of the miners (approximately 58%) were dehydrated. This could impact a company's workforce with in an increase in LTI’s and unforeseen mistakes during working hours. 

Worker hydration management plans, education and effective product solutions (in addition to water intake) can help mitigate the risk of dehydration and heat stress incidents.

Woollahra Group are thrilled to announce the arrival of the eniQ industrial electrolyte and electrolyte whey protein range, now available on our website.


For those that are new to eniQ here is some information to get you started -


Smarter Industrial Hydration.

Made in WA.

Keep your workforce healthy, hydrated & safe, with eniQ.

Made in Western Australia in a purpose built facility, eniQ products are scientifically formulated from premium & natural ingredients sourced worldwide.

With a unique blend of fast & slow release carbohydrates, your workers will benefit from sustained energy throughout a work shift, instead of energy spikes & crashes.

Workers will perform better and recover faster with eniQ industrial hydration. Particularly in extreme conditions.

This is eniQ.



eniQ is a Western Australian company with manufacturing also based in Malaga. eniQ have released 2 products in 3 flavours to Woollahra. Check out the 2 videos below. More details on the product can be found on each product page. 



Electrolyte Industrial - Lemon Lime, Mango and Neutral

Electrolyte Whey Protein Isolate - Super Fruits, Lemon Lime and Black Currant


Click the videos beneath to learn more about eniQ


You can find applicable nutritional information to individual products via product pages on our website.