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A specially formulated  Brake Cleaner that does not contain chlorinated solvents. Designed to quickly and safely dissolve and remove grease, oil and contaminants from brakes, parts and slides and forklift chains. This Brake Cleaner Aerosol has the added advantage of a 360° valve, this allows you to use the can inverted. Treblex Brake and Parts Cleaner is made with a highly refined, effective and also a safe solvent. This is unlike many other brake cleaners produced with solvents containing known carcinogens and /or neurotoxins.Up graded pressure to deliver a significant increase in blast off performance. It is ideal for DIY to heavy duty applications.As it evaporates away quickly, there is no need to wash off like degreasing products. This brake and parts cleaner is suited for cleaning parts in rebuild situations, because it does not leave any residue.